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Audi А4 + Running gear + Regular servicing + Engines + Turbo-supercharging + Exhaust system + Cooling system + Fuel tank and the fuel pump + The air filter and channels всасывания + Injection system + Coupling + Transmission and the main transfer + Suspension bracket of wheels and steering + Brakes + Wheels and tyres + The electrotechnical equipment + Ignition system + Illumination + The alarm equipment + Tools and devices + Heating and ventilation + Body details + Salon Search of malfunctions Technical characteristics friv game . www.rushessey.com . rush essays Representation Audi A4 In 1972 model Audi 80 for the first time has been presented. Since then on the market 4 generations of models from Ingolstadt have arrived. All of them could win a strong place in the market thanks to solid technology and unostentatious external shape, it proves also the statistican of the admission of vehicles. А4 in any relation is the proof of it and the worthy successor. The tradition obliges In 1972 automobile factory in Ingolstadt, having let out Audi 80 which thanks to the easy design and the compact sizes, comfortableness and spaciousness of salon and a luggage carrier, and also modern engines and an exemplary running gear has established the high standard of the car of middle class. Audi А4, continuing traditions Audi 80, has arrived on the market in November, 1994 In the following model Audi has meaningly refused the large-sized external sizes. Nevertheless thanks to skilful use of space, increase in a track and wheel base it was possible to improve considerably for sitting in salon the relation of internal length of a body to base. Engines Along with two new пятиклапанными engines with working volume 1,8 l, in Audi A4 are offered processed four-cylinder двухклапанный the engine with working volume 1,6 l with anew designed for А4 a head of the block of cylinders with cross-section movement of a stream of air. Besides, two engines already known on Audi 80 are used also: V6 with working volume 2,6 l and 2,8 l. Everyone it: The four-cylinder engine with working volume 1,6 l capacity of 74 kw Four-cylinder Five valve the engine with working volume 1,8 l capacity of 92 kw Four-cylinder Five valve the engine with working volume 1,8 l and with a turbo-supercharging capacity of 110 kw V6 With working volume 2,6 l and capacity of 110 kw V6 With working volume 2,8 l and capacity of 128 kw At such gradation choice possibility between two power-plants of identical capacity, because as the four-cylinder engine with working volume 1,8 h.p. is of interest. A turbo-supercharging, and V6 with working volume 2,8 l possess identical capacity in 110 kw. At identical capacity there are distinctions in conceptual characteristics: depending on that for the buyer is priority in the engine, the choice between the raised profitability or большей comfortableness and smoothness of a course can be made.